To enable policymakers and the public to understand that national security is the number one priority to ensure Israel’s survival and to have a clear and deep understanding of Israel’s national security needs. We aim to revive the core Zionistic/Jewish values of the state of Israel, which is the cornerstone of national security.

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To Educate

To educate the Israeli public on Israel’s national security needs and how they should be met.

To Empower

To empower the many former officers and officials from all branches of the security establishment whose voices were overlooked prior to HABITHONISTIM/IDSF’s founding.

To Counter

To counter the narrative of former Israeli generals who advocate retreats that place Israel’s security in the hands of its enemies and the UN.  

The Movement’s Basic Guidelines


The State of Israel has a need and right to reside within borders that are defensible, which are the borders of the land of Israel, and that should not be subject to compromise.


Habithonistim support regional peace and cooperation based on the principle of “peace for peace,” including strengthening cooperation with Egypt, Jordan, and the other Arab states based on shared interests in counter-terrorism and regional stability.


All Israelis who are able to do so should serve in the military or other security services, as it is a significant and positive influence for shaping the values of Israeli society.


Israel’s national security must be treated as a top priority.


The obstacle to peace is the Palestinian narrative which refuses to acknowledge the existence of the Jewish people and its connection to the land of Israel.


HABITHONISTIM/IDSF is an apolitical and nonpartisan movement and so it does not support any specific politicians or parties.


The State of Israel must prevail in every conflict to ensure the country’s survival. To do so, security forces must maintain complete freedom of action to defend the citizens of Israel without relying on any outside parties.


Israel’s security forces should not be politicized or participate in political discussions.