Q - You speak of “Implementation of Sovereignty” whereas others call it “Annexation”. What is the difference and which is more correct according to the HABITHONISTIM philosophy?

A - The HABITHONISTIM movement calls for the implementation of the Israeli sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and the Jordanian Valley. The straightforward definitions are as follows:

“Sovereignty” is the right of a government to have complete control over its territory whereas

“Annexation” is the legal and official joining of territory to a country controlling it for the purpose of creating a de facto sovereignty. In contrast, to “occupation” and “conquest’, annexation refers to land that belongs to the controlling country in practice.

The HABITHONISTIM movement believes in the implementation of sovereignty because the State of Israel has natural, historical, and legal rights over the land of Israel. The State of Israel did not “conquer” the land rather it “redeemed” territory from Arab-Jordanian conquest in the Six-day war (for there was no country of Palestine and no Palestinian people in 1948).

The territories that were redeemed were designated for the establishment of a national homeland for the Jewish people according to the "San Remo Resolution" of 1920, the "Balfour Declaration" of 1917, and as was promised to the Jewish people in the holy books and prophecies mentioned in Judaism, Christianity, and even Islam. The legal and international official status of the territories in Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan Valley remain a source of dissention.

Q - Is the HABITHONISTIM movement in favor of “Annexation” of 2.5 million Palestinians?

A - No! Our movement is for the implementation of Israeli law over the Israeli citizens that live in the Jewish Settlements in the territories of Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley. These settlements are known under the Oslo accords as Area C. We are vehemently opposed to giving Israeli citizenship to the millions of Palestinians living under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

Q - Other than the topic of implementation of sovereignty, what other topics are on the agenda for the HABITHONISTIM activists?

A - The “HABITHONISTIM” is a new movement established at the start of 2020. At first the movement acted in the interest of encouraging a unified government alongside the question

of the issue of implementation of sovereignty. The main intention of the movement is to deal with issues that would strengthen the security of the State of Israel within secure borders and to maintain that rock solid security for generations to come. We hope to accomplish this through influencing decision makers and the general public inside and outside of Israel.

Some of the topics that we will get involved with are: Strengthening Israeli governance, strengthening the settlement movement, influencing and increasing international support, increasing and fortifying the Jewish- Israeli- Zionist awareness and appreciation among Israeli citizens and encouraging the value of service and contribution to help Israeli society and its citizens.

Q - Is the HABITHONISTIM movement associated or supported by any political party?

A - Absolutely not! The members of our movement are simply interested in securing the future and security of the State of Israel, as a Jewish and democratic state with secure borders for generations to come. Therefore we will cooperate with all those to support these goals without regard to party or political movement.

Q - Is the HABITHONISTIM movement an “elitist” movement for high commissioned officers only?

A - The HABITHONISTIM movement is a non-profit organization that is comprised of male and female officers, commanders and soldiers, who have served in all levels of the Israeli security forces, including the IDF, Police, Border Patrol, ISS, etc. and who believe in the movement’s platform.

Q - Are there membership dues or fees to join the HABITHONISTIM movement or to partake in activities?

A - The HABITHONISTIM movement welcomes anyone joining who served the nation in one of the Israeli security organizations and supports our platform. There are no fees or dues, nor is there any obligation whatsoever. Of course, the movement welcomes any donation from her members and the general public that will help support the movement’s activities.

Q - How can one follow and keep up with the HABITHONISTIM movement’s activities?

A - One can follow the HABITHONISTIM activities in the general media and in social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube in addition to our website. Don’t forget to choose “like” and sign up through various channels for continual updates.

Q - Is the HABITHONISTIM movement also active in other languages?

A – The HABITHONISTIM movement is active also in this website, as well as in Facebook and Twitter in the English language.

The movement regularly holds interviews with local and foreign media. Conferences and meetings are held on Zoom (due to the constraints of the Corona virus threat) and also in the English language. One can refer to our website under “contact us” in order to assist and even initiate and help organize activities in English.

Q - How can I join the HABITHONISTIM movement?

A - The HABITHONISTIM movement accepts new members on a daily basis through registering through our website under the category of “Contact us”.

Q - How can one donate money to the HABITHONISTIM movement and what would the money be used for?

A - The HABITHONISTIM movement receives donations through our website under the title “donations”. The movement is managed as a nonprofit organization legally registered and obliged by the applicable rules as such. Donations help pay for activities involved in educating the public, influencing the policy makers through various media channels such as: TV, radio, social media, etc. Donations would also help pay for activities on the ground and various educational tours.

Administrational overhead would use a tiny percentage compared with the volunteering of the majority of volunteer activists.

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